20something puts the newest generation of advertisers at the heart of the agency.

Former agency 6+1 and 20Something joined forces to create an innovative way of advertising for generation Y.


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Don’t be fooled by their pretty faces, these guys mean business!

  • Steffen Vander Mynsbrugge

    Steffen sets the direction for the agency: a strong focus on empathy for the client while sparking brand excitement. He makes sure the team meets the clients’ objectives throughout the whole advertising process.

    • Benoit Van Cauwenberghe
      Benoit Van CauwenbergheManaging partner - creative Director

      Benoît’s right-on judgement and sharp tongue are definite qualities for delivering the right creative concepts. As the driving force behind 20Something, he’s always looking for new advertising talent.

      • Jérôme Jaumotte
        Jérôme JaumotteManaging partner - CFO - Online Director

        As 20Something’s Director of Finance, Jérôme closely watches each project’s budget. As a clear stabilising factor, he looks at every challenge in a calm and objective way.

        • Anders Johansson
          Anders JohanssonBusiness Partner

          Anders is our business partner looking out for international opportunities. With his experience, we can’t think of a better team coach.

          • Marc Van den Bossch
            Marc Van den BosschPhotographer - Production coordinator

            ‘Light it, shoot it, click it, print it!’ With just a dose of patience and a good eye, our photographer Marc makes miracles happen.

            • JP Lejeune
              JP LejeuneArt Director

              Jean-Pol is a genuine artist with an intelligent kind of sensitivity. As a talented graphic designer he has an eye for aesthetics and style.

              • Gaetan Dekelver
                Gaetan DekelverClient Director

                As Client Director, Gaetan is a beacon of peace in what can often be a hectic environment. For a large part, his job consists of managing and exceeding expectations of both colleagues and clients.

                • Joy Pyl
                  Joy PylClient Manager

                  It’s a privilege to have such a joyful experienced client manager. When she laughs, you smile too.

                  • Bram Van Buynder
                    Bram Van BuynderClient manager

                    Brand new in the business, client owner Bram is ready for an adventure. He got bitten by the advertising bug at an early age and his business card reads ‘your brand is my command’. Need we say more?

                    • David Burny
                      David BurnyStrategic Planner

                      David lives in a world full of structures and insights. No bullshit, no fantasy. Only real things that speak to everyone.

                      • Jérôme Lefebvre
                        Jérôme LefebvreDigital Creative

                        What’s an agency without an internet geek? 20Something’s Digital Expert, Junior (as we call him) coordinates our online projects and determines the social media strategy.

                        • Aurélie Bouchez
                          Aurélie BouchezManagement assistant

                          She is the ideal support for our client and creative teams. With this 20Something, we don’t have to worry about anything else than being creative talents.

                          • Quentin Watelet
                            Quentin WateletFrench Copywriter

                            What’s so good about words is that we can make them say what we want. For example: Quentin is the best copywriter in the world. And the funniest.

                            • Élise Léonard
                              Élise LéonardGraphic designer

                              Not only is she a very bright artist, Elise is also our graphics specialist for all matters related to layout and typography.

                              • Sébastien Jourdan
                                Sébastien JourdanGraphic Designer

                                As our personal Photoshop genius, Sébastien makes everything look prettier, thus making the world a more beautiful place to live.

                                • Julie Tarelho
                                  Julie TarelhoGraphic Designer

                                  Julie does not only draw. She is our 20something taking care of the youngest talents.

                                  • Axel Deroeck
                                    Axel DeroeckConversation manager

                                    He is the most likeable guy around, and he has 300.000 friends to prove it. We’re happy to share him with you, too!

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