Valentine for Millennials: we love it but we hate it

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It’s Valentine, so let’s talk about…love! In the early days the only way you could meet someone was by going out, at parties, to the local pub or somewhere in the street. Now the dating environment has totally changed. Generation Y has access to a lot of digital possibilities. The internet has opened a magical dating world, we have Facebook, Tinder, Grindr, Snapchat and many dating sites to help us find ‘the one’.

But did these digital developments change our perception of love? Some experts warned us that dating apps reduce the ability of users to devote to one partner because we are always looking for someone better. Despite all this, around 20% of current relationships began online. Even though we have all these tools, face to face is still the most effective. The majority of the existing relationships are still formed through a friend.

Today is the day that celebrates love. Around half of Millennials think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and one third doesn’t even celebrate it. In spite of this, still many of us spend a lot of money on Valentine gifts. We not only buy gifts for our lover but also for friends and family. When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of couples but for youngsters friendship is becoming more important.

What does this say about Millennials? We seek love like any other. However relationships are more open these days, with a more realistic view. Physical attraction and (sexual) chemistry is important for Millennials, but also trust, honesty and emotional connection. We maybe do not all believe in ‘the one’ or ‘soulmates’, but we do believe in the possibility of love.

Marie Torfs,
20 years old
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