What exactly is 
Hire My BFF?

Yeah, that’s how it works at 20Something. Your best friend has to be there too because you know what they say: ‘tell me who’s your best friend and I’ll tell you who you are’. But don’t worry, we’re not looking for your most awkward moments. We just want to know who you are in your daily life and not in your fancy tailored skirt or suit.

The one we are looking for gets 6 checks

  • You don’t fast forward or skip commercials on TV or YouTube
  • You use Netflix, Spotify or Snapchat
  • You prefer talking to colleagues instead of mailing them
  • You wear sneakers to work
  • You don’t look down on juniors
  • You have an opinion on everything

Hmmmm… You are the one we want, right? Just drop us an e-mail with your CV at

Or directly here