Always your mother’s child

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Skittles. Really known for its either shocking either funny ads, but still, known.

Today’s ad has been dedicated to celebrate mothers for this year’s Mother’s Day.

The ad starts with a quite old mom and her Boomranger-boy eating Skittles on the couch. Each time she eats a Skittle, her son has to guess the flavour. He has no idea of the colour, because that could help him guess the flavour. So you’re gonna ask me, how does he do it then? Well, thanks to the umbilical cord. Yes, you read it right: 30 years old and umbilical cord. And that’s the quite shocking part of the ad.

At first, you might find it funny but you’re rapidly caught up by a disgusted feeling that makes you a bit skeptical and even worse, embarrassed. Actually, you don’t really know how to react and that’s maybe what makes it original. But saying it’s a good ad, well… It can be discussed. At least, you’ll remember it, but maybe not for the good reasons.