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“Le Slip français” is a French underwear brand that wanted to make the “slip” (traditional underwear) trendy once again.

For this occasion, the brand has launched a video called “un film de fesses” with a woman as the main character. The spot tends to demonstrate what women have achieved through the years. The video is made with different clips with the same framing showing women’s backs during historical events.These women represent people who have marked History of France as an aviator, a singer, a chairwoman, a president and a sportsman, who represent women such as Jacqueline Auriol, the first French aviator or Edith Piaf. Followed by several women dressed in French underwears.

They have used a well-known French expression to turn it into their slogan: “Ballsy (culotté) women change the world. “. This reminds us first of all that women played a key role in our history. The ad makes a visual word play with the word ballsy (culotté) by having the women wearing panties (culottes).

Their baseline “You want to change the world? Start by changing pants. “At the end of the video supports this idea to restore importance to the underwear with a touch of humor and second degree that characterizes the brand.