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Tesla organized the « Project Loveday » amateur ad contest, and after a public vote via twitter likes, the winner of this contest was MKBHD, a well-known tech blogger with almost 5 million YouTube subscribers.

The aim of the spot is to highlight all the advantages and the technological advances of the car.

We see a man who starts the car afar, then week-end can follow him during his shopping to finally put them in his very large car trunk. After that, we also see plans that have for purpose showing the lines, the shapes and the design of the car.

After filling the trunk, we discover a newness from Tesla, namely a booster trunk at the front of the car.

The blogger tried to show all what this Tesla has to offer, showing its use on a daily routine.

However, space is not the only advantage ! The blogger also plays with the macho side of the guy : at the end of the spot, we are presented the start of a racing simulation showing the sportiness of the car especially with the “Ludicrous” functionality.