4.36 seconds

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To celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, the Special Olympics made a first video to launch their new campaign.

The moving story portrays twin brothers who seem to be living the exact same life. No differences can be spotted between them. They enjoy being together, have fun and they both share the same passion: running. The entire time we can only see one of the 2 brothers.  But half way the video, the camera shifts and we see the other brother’s face. He has down syndrome.

The message in the end is what makes the ad special. They both end the race in the same time: 4.36 seconds. The exact same time that separated them at birth.

As a boy scout leader for people with a physical and mental handicap myself, this ad means a lot to me. It shows we should treat everyone equally. Someone with down syndrome can have the same capabilities as someone else, but only if we give them the chance to.