Boring night

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A spicy evening with friends.

Jaegermeister returns to comedy with their new tv spot. A film advertising created by “the Red” in Berlin for the end of the year. This German liquor, which is the drink of choice for evening with friends all around the world, makes us smile with this poor cashier that would love a happy ending with the two young women. Sorry man, they played you.

You were too blind to notice that they did not pay their groceries. In addition, the brand makes a cheeky shoutout at the world-famous cocktail based on liqueur and whipped cream. The perfect combo for your evenings.

Jagermeister makes a great comeback with this comedic spot, with a picture that is very well worked. The lights are well mastered. The fall of the story is a nice cherry on the cake and does not leave us indifferent. We want to drink a shot of Jaegermeister while watching this new campaign.