Don’t forget to put batteries in your kid’s toy

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‘Toy’ is the fifth spot launched for the Duracell’s “Trust is Power” campaign. Like the “Ear Hair”, “Camping”, “New Mom” and “Gaming”, the spot was made by Wieden+Kennedy New York and takes a “what if” scenario. It was directed by Biscuit Filmwork’s Andreas Nilsson who also worked for Volvo’s ‘Epic Split’ or KFC’s ‘Announcement’ (starring Rob Lowe). ‘Toy’ keeps with the same over-the-top visual as the previous campaign ads.

It demonstrates the importance of a trusted power source in daily life. The video shows a father considering putting batteries in his son’s toy. The voiceover asks if you need the most trusted battery for your child’s toy. The father imagines what could happen if the kid didn’t have the toy and wants to play with something else. The scenarios show the Swat team breaking in as the boy accidentally called the police or the firemen coming because the kid has put knives in the toaster and turned it into fire. At the end, the best solution is shown as simply putting Duracell in the toy.