Don’t Go Home Hungry.

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Hungry? In Argentina, in the centre of Bueno Aires, McDonald’s has found the most artistic way to open up your appetite. In collaboration with advertising agency TBWA, McDonald’s teams have set up an original street marketing operation in the streets of the Argentine capital.

The giant fast-food has worked with several local artists to decorate garage doors located within 300 meters of McDonald’s restaurants. Each creation takes on the appearance of a colorful face that has a wide open mouth to put forward the fact that they are hungry.

An original and creative idea that makes the street art even more amazing. On the other hand, we are not really sure of the effectiveness of the message and of the operation which nevertheless aims to encourage passers-by to go to McDo and get a large size menu. Difficult at first glance to establish the connection with the brand, especially when the clear-branding is so tiny.