Feminine feelings

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The French lingerie brand Garance noticed that not every woman feels confident about lingerie. While lingerie is really something that gives women confidence and a sexy feeling, there is this one specific group of women that often don’t feel that way about lingerie anymore: women who have/had breast cancer and got one or both breasts removed. This digital advertisement was created by Rosapark (French for Monoprix) to give these women the confidence back that they deserve.

Through a very clever Instagram story, they want to tell these women to be confident about their body and still feel feminine. Nothing should keep them from celebrating their feminine with some beautiful lingerie.

In this story, we see a woman who tells a about why women who have/had breast cancer don’t have a sex appeal anymore. It’s all about the bad feelings that women have after their breast(s) got removed. Bus this story is way more clever then you would think in the first place. Read it first:

This is what has to be said about breast cancer
We’re not a normal woman, after an ablation
And better not believe that
It’s possible to feel sexy and confident again
Because, yep that’s true
With no breast, we have no sex appeal
So we’d rather stop believing that
We’ll live like before, get back to our old habits
Keep wearing cute bras or glam up
Indeed, it’s time to realise that
Breast cancer destroys femininity forever
So better give up right now the idea that
Things will change

Pretty negative, right? But if you read the same story from the bottom to the top, it becomes a whole different story. Try it out. And this is exactly what they do in the video: they reverse the separate shots to create a totally different story.

I think this is a very clever way to tell people to reverse their way of thinking: by literally reverse the negative thoughts in such a clear way. Because every woman is worth it to feel feminine.