Find your inner peace

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Today we take a look at an ad made by Joe Public. This ad was made for Chicken Licken, a South African fast-food fried chicken restaurant chain. In this ad they show the greatness of their chicken by putting a pharaoh at peace.

The ad starts with an archeologist in Egypt looking for the tomb of an pharaoh. Upon finding this tomb, the archeologist tries to negotiate for his life with the angered pharaoh. He tells the pharaoh that he knows what can bring him inner peace and so together they go on a trip to the south of Africa. Along the way, the pharaoh gets to see how much the world has changed and he discovers that he can enjoy himself with the little things, such as turning the lights on and off.

Finally they arrive in South-Africa in a fried chicken restaurant where the pharaoh gets to taste a  piece of chicken. Upon tasting the chicken, the pharaoh finds his inner peace and this results in him dissolving in sand and leaving the archeologist all alone in the restaurant.

The reason why I like this ad is because of the funny twist. I’ve seen a lot of ads where they use a pharaoh but in this ad they twist it by making it fun and by showing the pharaoh enjoying himself. This makes the ad enjoyable to watch.