Lima talks

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In this outdoor advertisment created by McCann, Peru, Cálidda tells their story in a slightly different way then we would expect. The gas naturalising company wanted to make people aware of the amount of car gasses in the air, and show them how much trouble Lima has with breathing because of that. Lima is the second most polluted city in Latin America right now, and it’s on it’s way to become the first.

In this video,”Lima” tells us that we’re probably very busy with our own lives and problems, so we don’t have any time left to think about Lima’s problems. It doesn’t want to alarm people but there is not much time left. There really is a problem that needs to be solved. And how can you show this problem to people in a better way than literally showing it? One problem: people don’t see the pollution in the air with their bare eyes. And if you don’t see a problem, it’s hard to be willing to solve this.

However, Cálidda managed to show the citizens of Lima how much pollution there is in the air around them. By using a smart technology, they managed to turn a totally white billboard into a message, actually written in pollution. While cars pass by all day, the pollution sticks to the billboard, forming the text: “me cuesta mucho respirar”, which means: “I have a hard time breathing”. In this way, the city expresses itself by using the problem to form a message.

It is a really clever way to show people the problem that you want to solve directly into the message. The only thing that gives me doubts, is how clear it is that this billboard is created with the car gasses. If you see this video it is very clear and strong, but when you just drive by it might be hard to catch the message. However, I think Lima did a good job expressing itself. Let’s hope that it will work.