I am GAP

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Gap launched a new campaign with the focus on the diversity of young people. The campaign is called ”I am Gap”. They used prints and videos of 15 seconds presenting young people with a different personality from around the world that wear Gap clothes.

They kind of change the way of promoting clothes by not using perfect looking models in a good looking environment. They changed it by presenting the story of each youngster in a retro style like it was produced in the 90s. It gives a cool look and the fact that they tell their own story gives us a feeling of being closer to the brand. Gap understood his target by adapting to the youngsters’ lifestyle. Also, they made it an international brand by integrating all kind of nationalities in the videos and prints. The prints also have a very simple yet strong look that will captivate the target in a positive way

Gap has been one of my favorite brands since I’m a kid and watching this campaign reminds me of my childhood and all the good memories. Gap makes it easy to understand what they are and what they are trying to reach with this campaign. In my opinion, using simplicity and authenticity is the best way to reach young people and Gap got that.

Great job Gap!