Iris & Thula WHISKAS

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Iris Grace is a child with an extraordinary talent to express herself through painting. Her story has been globally published and she has already sold paintings to private art collectors in the UK and all over the world. Profits from the sales of her art go towards her therapies, education and future.

Iris met Thula, a Maine coon cat in 2014 and her life at home has changed ever since. They immediately had an affinity and Iris started top open up and communicate with Thula in a way that she hadn’t done before.

The brand Whiskas has inspired itself with the fabulous story of Iris and Thula in their advertising. The resumption of a real story delivers a credible ad. Whiskas steps away from their actual product in order to deliver a stronger message: animals can give you so much love.

I think this spot is beautiful and touching, it gives a positive message to the public.
This ad raises awareness on autism and shows us that animals can be a form of therapy.

A beautiful lesson of love told by Whiskas.