It’s not you, it’s us

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“You know we always love and support you, but we think it’s time for you to experience the world. We want you to chase your dreams.”

In the first place I thought I was watching two parents telling their 30 years old son to finally move out of their house. It also looks like a really awkward break-up where people try to find the kindest excuses to just say that it’s over. And just at the moment where you expect the camera to turn and show a person with his eyes full of tears, we see a ‘Santan Kelapa’ (=coconut milk) package, dropping the spoon of the ice cream he was eating.

And then, the long expected sentence comes in: “It’s not you, it’s us”. Even made more painful by the replacement of Santan Kelapa already walking around in the kitchen on the background. The couple describes all the aspects of why their new lover FiberCream is better than their old beloved Santan: “It’s high in fiber, lactose free, gluten free and low in sugar”. They describe their new soulmate as “Just like you, but healthier”. Ouch.

They offer Santan to cook him his favorite meal as a goodbye dinner, cooked with with FiberCream. When they roll his already packed in suitcase towards him, the poor thing also drops his ice cream itself. We all know how he must feel right now.

I think this is a funny and creative way to tell people that you have a product that is better than a regular product. Instead of just throwing this message in their face, they use storytelling in such a way that the recognizable situation is fun to watch, and you even forget the obvious way they put the product details in the script. And while you really feel for Santan, you totally get why the couple throws him out. Because we all know that it’s not the couple. It’s Santan. #GoodbyeSantan