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The past 12 months, knife crime across England and Wales increased by 31%, with 40 Londoners under 25 years old that have been stabbed fatally since January. The mayor of London asked to make a campaign to address this issue, since the problem can’t be solved by police enforcement alone. The campaign wants to influence youngsters in London to not carry a knife anymore.

The campaign targets 13- to 16-year-olds and emphasizes the value and importance of teenagers in London. It shows famous rappers, bloggers and photographers telling why London needs them alive and what they contribute to the city. This way, the campaign focuses on how valuable these teenagers are to London, but also to their family and friends. Next to that, it conveys the message that teenagers can accomplish amazing things in life by using their talents, and not by carrying a knife with them. “653,626 teenagers live in London and every one of them is important”, says the campaign. We need them because they are our future role models, artists, politicians, scientists… At the end, the campaign requests you to share it and say why #Londonneedsyoualive.

Apparently, the campaign was received pretty well as fans of the celebrities started sharing and liking the posts. According to me, this is a good campaign, since people tell their personal stories as to why they are important, which is thought-provoking and engaging. However, I’m not sure whether this campaign could really make a difference. But at least, it tries to raise awareness, and that’s a great start because #Londonneedsyoualive.