Move someone this holiday

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Like every year, Apple makes a moving holiday ad that gives them the chance to use a different approach than their usual ads throughout the rest of the year. In comparison to Apple’s other ads that rather show the new functions of their new devices, their holiday ads try to evoke a lot of emotions in people.

When the couple in the advert starts dancing together, you can feel their chemical attraction, their affinity, and their love at first sight. They move in a magical way that shows their intimacy, and some moments just take your breath away. As the couple almost kisses, the magical place turns back into the cold reality and it appears that none of it was real. Instead, they were just two strangers bumping into each other, getting a hint of what could be. “Move someone this season”, says the end of the ad.

What is good about this ad is that it evokes a lot of emotions. By associating the product with a powerful emotion (young love), a strong psychological connection is created in the consumer. This emotional response will then be linked to the advertised product and this meaning will be transferred to the product, making it attractive. The brand, however, is not revealed until the very end of the ad. This might lead to people remembering the ad, but not the product or the brand being advertised.

On top of that, the ad promotes two products: the AirPods and the iPhone X. From a strategic perspective, this was kind of disturbing since it isn’t clear on which product you have to focus. It’s also not very clear why exactly you should buy the AirPods. So, if Apple’s aim of this ad was to convince people to buy the AirPods, they could have done a better job. On the other hand, if their aim was to move people and let people look at Apple in a different way than usual, they did a pretty good job.