Mum, where are my socks?

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Think about the good times when you were 8 years old. Do you remember you left your room dirty and when you came back, everything was tidy again? Do you remember the food that was on your plate every night? Do you remember that it didn’t matter where you fell asleep, you would always wake up in your bed? Well, it’s not because of some kind of magical creature.. No, it’s alive and her name is MUM!

Lotto New Zealand launched this campaign for Mother’s Day 2017. Most of the time we take for granted what our mothers do, and we don’t thank them enough for it. With this movie Lotto wants to shine a light on mum’s magic and remind children of the things mum’s do for them. Children can give a little bit of magic back by giving their mum’s a Triple Dip ticket from Lotto.

Since Lotto is a gambling organisation, they don’t have the best reputation. Even though, they played it very well by launching this like-ability campaign for Mother’s Day.  It’s a touching and very recognisable ad but an the same time I find it contradictory because Lotto targets children and activates them to buy something. On the other hand, everyone is a child of someone so this ad is meant for each person. Of course when seeing the ad, you immediately notice that it’s very innocent and Lotto doesn’t push the message “BUY”, but really puts the focus on honesty and humanity.

Good job Lotto!