Not a Boomerang

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This Ad was released on the 15th of September 2015 viaInstagram, It was done by students of the Miami Ad School in Mumbai India.

Directed by Adythia Venugopal the advert aims to raise awareness of the Parkinson Disease among Millennials. Many people don’t know this, especially the younger generation but there is still not a cure for the Parkinson Disease. The question the students set themselves was: ‘How can we use Instagram to get millennials to care about Parkinson’s cure research funding?’

Instagram’s popular new feature is the boomerang edit option on your video/story, which makes your video clip go back and forth by one frame. The Miami Ad students use the boomerang phenomenon to make a bold statement about the Parkinson diseases. The idea is to make a daily Instagram story of people affected by the disease, for example showing their hands or head shaking and always using the branding statement; ‘Not a Boomerang’.

This campaign is incredibly smart as it changes the perception of a fun and quirky tool, the boomerang, in order to raise awareness for a desperate cause which needs funding. In my opinion the advert is very effective; it has the perfect shock factor which makes people stop and think, even if it’s just for a moment. The message is simple to understand and reaches both gen Y and Z, who use the boomerang the most.