Ocean Dildos

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Don’t f*ck the ocean, do it with yourself. This message is quit clear, you can say. But the topic requires this straight approach: plastic in the sea. Over the years, more and more plastic is poisoning our seas. Luckily, social awareness campaigns are tackling this climat issue. MTV shows us how it’s done!

MTV is a music and series channel that targets youngsters. We, young people, are the so called “futur of tomorrow” and the next generation that has to take care of planet Earth. Therefore MTV is the perfect media to spread this message, which they translated to youngster language.

To reduce the amount of plastic in the sea, MTV thought: “Hey, why don’t we make dildo’s from it?”. No sooner said than done, they put this wonderful idea into practice. From now on, you can buy Ocean Dildos to save our planet. Great (and satisfying) idea, don’t you think? But also, start from the beginning and recycle.