Training boost

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Linear Assicurazioni is an Italian direct insurance company that was launched in 1996. It is part of Unipol Gruppo Finanziario S.p.A. and based in Bologna. As an insurance company, their main role is to support and cover their clients when those are in need. BBDO compared this with athletes that also need their support in order to perform as good as possible.

The main insight for this campaign, was the fact that David Colgan (Italy’s Ironman finalist sponsored by Linear insurance) gets cheered during his races but not his trainings. So they came up with a quite inventive idea by bringing the cheering crowds into his trainings. Concretely, they created the ‘supporting track’ which is a motivational soundtrack that includes cheerful voice messages from Colgan’s fans, edited and mixed by ‘The Goose’. This soundtrack will serve as support for athletes during their trainings when their fans are not there to cheer.

The supporting soundtrack was released on Facebook and Spotify to give David Colgan’s fans something back. All types of athletes downloaded and played the track which clearly boosted the brand awareness and the athletes’ trainings. Finally the ad finishes with some catchy phrases, one of them being: “It’s even better when your journey gets tough but your insurance company is by your side”. The last image we get to see is Linear’s tagline, namely: “You’ll never travel alone”.