Volvo Presents A Tailored Safety Vest

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Every luxury car must have a tailored safety vest. Well! Volvo beat everyone to the punch, now every client that buys a Volvo S90 can go to four well known tailors found in Belgium and get a unique safety jacket.

The idea is simple, but pushes the idea of luxury to new levels. The fact that going to a tailors to make a safety jacket spews luxury. It plays with the emotional factor very well, making people want the car more, because of the potential customization provided by Volvo. The Bentley did something similar, but instead provided a full customization to the car. From cars seats, to the different paints.

The target audience is little older and more towards the high class jobs. The tailor, the actor, the safety jacket, the luxury car and lighting being light brown creates a vintage luxurious environment. It is a fun activation and well thought out. So go out, buy a S90 and have a safety jacket that fits you like a king.