Would you let them die?

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The days following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, a lot of online messages targeted the terrorist saying they should die the same way they made other people loose their life. In fact, 7 out of 10 people wanted the death penalty to be reinstalled.

Amnesty International, who fights for human rights, couldn’t accept this. To show people how wrong they were, Amnesty International paired up with Air Brussels to launch a new campaign on the world day against death penalty. The campaign, called “death penalty test”, is a website on which participants could condemn murderers based on what they did and how many people they killed. The only thing the users had to do was answer the question ‘do they deserve death penalty by clicking ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The campaign caught the attention of many and in the end 39,226 people took the test. As they arrived near the end of the test, a lot of participants started hesitating. They didn’t want a little girl to die just because they had said so or preferred sending a bus driver who had killed 9 children into rehab rather than killing him.

At the end of the test, most people understood the message Amnesty was trying to get accros: “Death penalty is never an option, regardless of who is accused. It is cruel, inhuman, degrading and a clear violation of human rights.”

I think it’s a great campaign. Not only did Amnesty spread their message, they made the participants realise by themselves death penalty isn’t the right option. By deciding someone deserves death penalty, they become a murderer as well in a certain way. I think people who commit atrocities should just be locked up and never be free again.