We connect Brands with
the newest generation

Welcome to 20something, the agency that bridges the gap between brands and the newest generation.   With our profound expertise in Generation Z, we empower brands to establish genuine and lasting connections with young consumers; we enable them to thrive in today’s ever-evolving market.


What we do

We’re specialised

Our Mission: Our mission at 20something is to empower brands, leaders, and HR professionals to effectively engage and collaborate with Generation Z and Millennials in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. We achieve this through our insightful research, interactive workshops, expert facilitation, and engaging talks.

Who We Serve

  • Leaders: Bridge the gap and unleash your team’s potential.
  • HR Professionals: Attract and retain young, exceptional talents.
  • Brands: Resonate deeply with younger audiences for success.

Our Approach: We offer tailored solutions, from keynotes or one-day workshops to immersive experiences, using the SPRINT technique for dynamic problem-solving and innovation.

Real-World Feedback: Young participants provide real-time insights into the newest generation’s perspectives.

We’re not just consultants; we’re your dedicated partners in navigating the generational shift. Join us in bridging experience and innovation.

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What we can offer you

Our skills

We help you to Connect

We bridges the gap between brands and Generation Z, leveraging extensive insights to establish genuine connections. Through collaborative workshops with our expert facilitators and your marketing or HR-team , we ensure brands authentically resonate with the newest generation.

We help you to

At 20something, we empower your teams, equipping them with the knowledge and insights needed to understand the motivations of the newest generation. Our customized workshops and thought leadership enable your HR and leadership teams to cultivate an inclusive, flexible, and growth-oriented culture.

We help you to Innovate

Through our specialized sprint sessions, led by expert facilitators, we offer you and your team the tools and insights necessary to imagine, design, or redesign concepts, ideas, or marketing plans. Our bespoke sessions are tailored to ensure you’re not only keeping pace with the changing tides but also leading the charge.