“Hire My Best Friend’ Concept”: A New Era in Recruitment

In today’s ever-changing world of work, traditional recruitment methods have given way to innovative approaches that resonate with Gen Z, the newest generation. At 20something, we’ve recognized the immense power of trust, authenticity, and camaraderie in the workplace, which has led us to embrace a groundbreaking concept: “Hire My Best Friend.”

Why This Concept?

We believe in staying ahead of the curve and aligning our recruitment process with the evolving dynamics of today’s workforce. Gen Z, the trailblazers of this era, highly value the opinions and insights of their best friends. Unlike previous generations who sought guidance from their parents, Gen Z turns to their closest confidants—their best friends—for support, especially when making important decisions or facing workplace challenges.

The Trust Factor

Trust lies at the core of our organizational culture at 20something. We firmly believe that if you can’t trust your best friend, how can you trust your colleagues or clients?  Your best friend is the one who recognizes your potential even when you doubt yourself. They understand your quirks, strengths, and aspirations. They are the ideal judges of character and potential, making them the perfect individuals to help us get to know someone new.

The New Approach

Recruitment has undergone significant transformations over the years, and we’re leading the way in reimagining how we connect with potential candidates. It’s not just about flashy offices or Friday night parties; it’s about every interaction in the employee journey. Recruitment, as the gateway to our organization, is where we initiate this change.

We’re not suggesting a complete overhaul of our work methods, but rather a shift in how we approach talent. It’s time to bid farewell to the traditional interviews that have been around for decades and welcome a more authentic and personal approach. It’s about understanding the essence of a candidate, not just their resume

The “Hire My Best Friend” concept extends beyond being a mere recruitment strategy; it’s a testament to our commitment to creating a workplace where trust and authenticity thrive. We value the voices that matter most to Gen Z—the voices of their best friends—because we understand that their opinions shape their world.

At 20something, we’re excited about the future of work, and we take pride in being pioneers who embrace change and foster connections that truly matter. It’s not just about hiring; it’s about building lasting relationships that drive our collective success.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine how we approach talent acquisition. It’s not the end of recruitment; it’s the beginning of a more meaningful and genuine connection with the newest generation.

Are you ready to revolutionize your recruitment and make meaningful connections? Join us at 20something, where we’re creating a workplace that reflects the values and aspirations of Gen Z.


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