The 3 ways Millennials are changing the travel market

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Traveling has become more a necessity than ever before. Millennials are the ones who have seen most of the world. They take an average of 4,2 trips per year, compared to 2,9 trips for older generations. Today, we travel anywhere in one click with the cheapest fares possible and with the possibility to stay somewhere for a cheap price such as Airbnb or even for free such as Couchsurfing. It’s about discovering new cultures and making new connections all around the world.

Working after our studies is not a priority anymore, traveling is.


We have so many possibilities in the way of traveling. It goes from the backpacker who doesn’t take a flight back to a simple city trip with friends or family.


  1. Finding the cheapest fares

But what makes us choose a destination? First of all, budget. We want a place where we can sleep, eat, discover many things and all for a small budget. It’s not an easy task but we can manage to plan it all by ourselves. When we have a budget in mind, all we do is select the right criteria with the right budget and the game is on! The most important thing is to use the best tools to compare fares and to find the best places to stay. The long stays are booked mostly months in advance because we know we have to book early to have the cheapest fares and the shorter stays are booked on the spur of the moment.


We all know that traveling costs money and unless you win the lottery, you have to find a way to make some to survive. But there is a formula that gives us the opportunity to work and travel. Basically, in exchange for a bed and food we have to work for the person who hosts us.  The only disadvantage is that you don’t get paid. You can also work for someone in exchange for money but then you have to find yourself a place to stay. Which one is best? There is no right answer to that, it depends where you are, what you do and if you have enough money and what you want to do next.


  1. To be as local as possible

Ideally, a destination where we can find the magic by getting lost and possibly live like locals is a second criterion to the choice of a destination.  The experience is about being as local as possible and find unknown places that are still very exciting. We want to live something incredible and we all know that the unplanned moments are the best. Airbnb gives us that local feeling by staying with locals. Tour guides and planned trips are not a trend anymore. We have the tools to discover and visit by ourselves. As a result, we believe that meeting locals and live like them are the best way to visit a place.


  1. People’s opinion and experience

Getting feedback from friends is very important in our choice but today TripAdvisor is our 2nd best friend. People use their own experience and share it with others on social media. YouTubers and blogs are also regularly used sources.  Not only to get feedback but also to get some tips and tricks on how to travel best and where to go. As travelers we can easily identify to what they say and that is why we can use their advice. Therefore, it is interesting to use influencers in order to make brands part of Millennials’ travel experience.


In a nutshell

Millennials are reinventing the way of traveling. This means that they see value in travel and spend more money on traveling than on real material. The aim is to live the experience and share it and also to create memories. They rely more and more on other people’s opinion rather than listening to experts like travel agencies. They feel more like their own travel agency with their own rules.