Get ready to find a job in the world of communication

To bring students into this fun but demanding industry, we created 20Something. We coach students and provide workshops and just as any other agency, you will work in the strategy, creative, graphic design, account or digital department.

You are more than an intern

You get full responsibilities and are involved at every level. 20Something is in charge of their clients and their respective projects. They go to the recording studio, go to client meetings and present their own strategy and creations to the client. 20Something is the only agency that offers each student the full agency experience.

Just as any other internship, you also make coffee.
But at 20Something it's for your own clients.


You are in charge of clients and client presentations

Whenever the overarching agency Serviceplan gets a briefing from a client, 20Something gets the same briefing.

Both agencies then start working at the same time and review their work frequently with one another. It’s not because 20Something consists of interns that their ideas can’t be better than Serviceplan's. If you work hard and have a solid idea, you will present it to the client yourselves.

At 20Something, you have your own advertising blog

Every member of the team analyses fresh ads and shares their point of view. The more you analyse great ads, the more you create great ads.

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Once a 20Something, always a 20Something

Marie Willy.

aka La Suisse

This is a super rewarding human and professional experience. It’s an exchange between our student experience and the experience of an agency.

Brooke Schwab

California, now Brand Coordinator at 72andSunny, Los Angeles

You have a lot more responsibilities and will get more opportunities at 20S vs. any other, bigger agency.

Clément Hottin

aka Le Ch’ti
France, now Assistant Marketing at Leeroy, Montreal, Canada

A big agency doesn’t do it for me; you need a good agency like 20Something. As a student, you have responsibilities, we can ask for advice to everyone without feeling like a noob, there is a real desire to make us learn things.

Sarah Savoir

Belgium, now Account Executive at DDB

Smaller agency = a more intense internship = more learning & responsabilities + feels like a family.

Julian Lesceux

Belgium, now Creative at DDB

20Something, it’s like a second family.

Lavinia Danciu

aka La Vie
Romania, now freelance photographer

Above all 'technical knowledge', I learned a lot about myself.

Apply here (we already did most of the work!)
(Our team is full for Marketing & Strategy profiles until 05/2020)

    Hello! My name is and I’m from in . I study and I really it!

    I heard about 20Something and I immediately knew this internship was for me. Do I like teamwork? Of course, I do! I can speak to communicate with all the other 20Somethings, wherever they come from. To help you to fill your agenda, my official internship period is from to . But I know you’ll want me to stay more because I’m so cool. So, I’ll check with my school to see if I can extend my internship period.

    If you have any other questions, just send me an email at and I’ll reply instantly. You prefer a phone call? No problem, hit me up at:

    Oh, I almost forgot to tell you to check out my work at . If you want more details here is my , , and/or .

    So, clean my desk, I’ll be with you in a couple of weeks.

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    Why 20Something and not another agency?

    Because you still want to learn, you want real responsibilities, you want an active internship and you want fun. That’s what 20Something offers you and what the other agencies can’t or won’t do.

    You want to get to the next level?

    20Something is the place to grow.

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