Are you ready to eat spicy?

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Tabasco is celebrating their 150 years with a new original campaign. With the help of John Mike Leblond, famous chef of Montréal, they restore some taste in the worst food of the city, and fool the citizens. The chef will add his touch to the tasty dishes, and especially tabasco! They opened a short-lived restaurant called “The Star” to welcome the clients, and make them taste the meals to prove the capital gain of the famous hot sauce.

I find this campaign fascinating. It proves that the spices do everything to a dish. You could serve almost anything to clients, but if you put the right condiments, it does the job. The fact that it’s a famous chef that restore the food is also a genius idea because people tend to say that it’s delicious when they know that a good cook is behind the plates. Also, I’m not a great fan of tabasco, because I think it’s so hot you can’t taste anything else, but I guess here, it’s the point.

Finally, I think the campaign is witty and very cool. When I see the before and after of the dishes it’s really impressive. I think tabasco did amazing with this ad, proving that if you have a bottle of tabasco, you can save any plate!