Be more concentrated in bed

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Here is a funny ad from a dutch mobile phone company. It’s a little bit outdated but you have to be see it.

I really love this video because it’s a company which sells mobile phones or sims but here, asks us to put our phone down to have better sex. It seems like the ad talks about 2 important problems at the same time.

A great request to fully live the moment in bed without any “worry”. Did the phone represents all the sexually transmitted infections?

As a youngster, it’s important for me to see that advertising world embraces changes. Here, there are 3 different couples with the same problem. It reminds me of egality within diversity.

The only thing I’m sad about it’s we don’t understand if this is a joke, a real ad for a phone condom or if it denounces something, some behaviour. It’s not clear for me.

But as a conclusion, it’s a good campaign because it’s a campaign that talks about our modern time and I like the fact that it could be disruptive images for some people.