Dear young people, don’t vote!

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Acronym, an organization formed last year that’s dedicated to getting Democratic candidates elected, has launched a new campaign “Knock the vote”.  This dark and funny video features seniors that encourages youngsters not to vote. The aim is to scare millenials and to get them to register to vote as midterm elections are happening soon.

I think that this video is brilliant, first because it’s savage and so true! The symbol of the conservative who aren’t concerned of today’s issues is an eye-opener, because it shows us that our future is in our hands. It’s important to vote, wherever you are in the world, because if people voted in the USA, Trump would probably not be the president.

At the end of the video, the women say that they are “doers not whiners” and I think it’s true, because we say that we want changes but we fail to vote. We only complain about the end results. I hope this short ad will motivate young people to vote this time, as for me, this is definitely a right that I will not take lightly.