Fast talent

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StarHub mobile is a Singapour telecom operator and it describes itself as the fastest one. Here is a catchy way to communicate about its speed.

Firstly, I really like the fact that they choose some unusual talent. The backpack kid is well known and I love his moves but can someone describe me his talent clearly ?

If you look closely, you will notice that we see the word “StarHub” just one time, on the pianist’s pad. I really like this sobriety. You’ll observe some green stuff like this lightning bolt which seems to be the brand signature but it appears as integral part of the video.

Also, as a 21yo, I’m used to shazam every music I heard and loved. The one those skilled guys created is so cool, I almost shazamed it. If someone know where to get their single, contact me!

One thing I may have to ask is : where are the women? I’m pretty sure that we can find some strangely gifted girls too, but I’m fully convinced there is one behind the camera. 

Finally, It made me think that may be, one day, I will success with one of my hidden talents, like the fact I can sleep 22 hours a day and still be tired.