Heineken’s most unmissable moments

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Heineken’ spot is a part of their new campaign and it promotes the UEFA champions league with hilarious scenes where football fans miss decisive actions in a match. We have different funny scenarios, and all the different characters are heartbroken to have missed the key moments of the game, even Andres Pirlo who appears at the end of the ad.

We can also see that in almost every scenes, bottles of Heineken beer appear. The brand will release different short ads for this campaign, each ad will represent one of Heineken’s sponsorships, including the Uefa Champions League, Formula One and Rugby World Cup.

As a football fan, I’ve missed key moments so many times so I understand the feeling of sadness that invades you when you had the genius idea to go for a drink or a bag of crisps and you hear everyone else screaming, and you’re just like… screw you I’m not even thirsty anymore.

I think this is a really cool ad, because it’s so relatable and also because it shows football fans from all over the world. It shows that football unites people, and I love that. And it also reminds us that the champions league’s not that far anymore! Yay