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FIFA 19 is released at the end of this month and I like the way they communicate about it.

I’m not really into football. Except when it came to this years world cup (but my country was in final). In this video I don’t get everything but I like the fact that many soccer celebrities participate to the campaign.

The development in this video is pretty interesting. All the soccer players start complaining about their fifa grade but, thanks to the different protagonists, they change their mind. Beside the video story, I think it’s a good way to incorporate a message. If disappointed with yourself : listen to fruitful advices and challenge yourself to change your way of thinking. I think it’s a really positive message.

Also, it’s so great to see all the players together. I may know 30 % of all the players that are in the video but it reminds me of the unity that is created by football, and sport events in general. Players come from all around the world and I like that diversity. Unity in diversity. Challenge in unity.

One thing I find difficult is that there is sometimes too much information at one time, so I can’t follow all of it, but the ad is made with humor and that’s cool !

As a conclusion, it’s a really funny idea to make those complaints look like a worldwide issue