Road to chocolate

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Intermaché did it again, another touching story with a likeable character.  Good thing is the reason why they create all these little videos, to ask people to eat better, more vegetables.

I remember all those meals where my mom forced me to eat my soup so I can grow faster. I hated it, even today, I’m not that fan about soup and I promise you, I tried. Even my roommate was used to eat soup for the dinner, I couldn’t understand. So I can absolutely relate to the little girl disgust. It reassured me that she didn’t eat soup for the pleasure.

What’s smart here is that we can’t know what’s in this cupboard. We are at the parents same place. We which the girl gets bigger faster so we can discover what she wished so much. At the end, it’s her willingness that touched me, no matter your age, you can do it if you get the motivation for.

This ad is for all the parents who make their children believe that soup will makes us bigger, spinach will makes us as strong as Poppey so they’ll eat their vegetables, please stop. This message is for my parents, I’m a not that strong 5’4 feet girl and you disappointed me a lot.