Save our Disney

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This video is from the United Kingdom and done on the initiative of the Sumatran Orangutan Society (sos). An association which fights against rainforest environment destruction.

A sad song and some cute animals always work. After watching this video, you felt a little bit more affected by deforestation and concerned about those animals lives. The job is well done.

I was not raised with Disney, I’m absolutely not into those Hakunamatata or Bare Necessities songs but I understand it can touch people. My generation grew up with and dreamed about Disney so I think it’s a good way to reach us. Disney is related to some fantasy stories and seeing all those characters in our current world makes the dream go away. You can even notice that the animals lose a lot of their brightness.

Things I like in this video is how the artists inserted the cartoons in our world. How they brought together two really different environments and make it too effective. Even if you don’t know about those animals, you understand the message, the problem.