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To put it simply Cdiscount is the french Amazon. Defining  it that way is a real shortcut but it gives a clearer insight to everyone here. Cdiscount was founded in 1998 and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The idea behind this ad is really simple but it is very well done. I like this ad because it has so many twists and it makes it really original. Using the influencers card is funny,  and refers to today’s trend. Youtubers and bloggers are today’s trend and times to times, it is taken too seriously. I feel like it is really important to make jokes about it.

I also like the fact that we see the monster destroy the product. Indeed, we are not used to see brands promoting products by breaking them. Hopefully, this phone is on sale.  

At the end, the contrast between the visuals and the sounds are great, it totally works and even made me go on cdiscount’s website despite the fact I always order on Amazon. Please don’t blame me Amazon, coeur avec les griffes.