This is paradise

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Impossible foods is a Silicon Valley start-up which tries to make the global food system more sustainable. It describes itself with the idea of being in mission but not to mars, on earth and it goes directly with today’s new trends to save our planet.

What a beautiful video, being with the astronaut under his helmet makes me so calm. You take the distance needed to watch for a world you already know but with the eyes of somebody who doesn’t.

By living everyday on earth, we forget how beautiful it is. It’s all about nature, humans and take the time to appreciate. I like this ad because everything seems simple and everybody knows about, at least, one of those landscapes.

Personally, it reminds me about my countryside and how it feel to breathe its air when coming back from the city where I do my studies. Like a pure air that reflects a peaceful and a full of memories place.

This ad makes us want to reconnect with the environment. As youngsters, we live a time where trends are more eco-friendly than before and this video is a good introduction to the idea of re-discover our world.