Whopper to the bone

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We don’t need to present Burger King anymore and here is a new ad that you have to watch.

I’m not a big fan of Burger King restaurants chain but its communication still worth it. In this video, advertiser played on our feelings, they used dogs. Look at all those cute faces, you can’t resist.

We live in a time where memes rule the internet and the dogs are part of it. One of the most famous rule I know is that people are more likely to cry for a dog death than a human one in a movie, I agree. We all remember this scene in “I am legend” where Robert Neville had to kill his dog, a too sad moment. It’s saying that we don’t deserve dogs, I agree too.

I love this ad because it reflects exactly what I used to live every night, when I was cosily eating my dinner and my dog is watching me as if I had a big diamond in my hands. You feel so divided : I can’t give him food it will kill his education but look at his adorable face, a vicious circle. Burger King found a solution, a bone that you can give him during your meal so you won’t blame yourself anymore. Your dog would see the difference between your dinner and his.

A good ad that made me realise I miss my dog more than I through.