Your jeans can’t stop you anymore

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Here are some videos for the lee cooper jeans, a jeans with which you can move as if you weren’t wearing it. You can even make more impressive movements when in your lee.

Those 3 little videos are really cool. Catchy music and funny movements are always a good recipe for a commercial, but the spot that really sparked my attention is the one in the metro..

I know the man spreading trend is an old topic and the buzz it created was a bit too much. However, here the subject is well-delivered and with the necessary nerve.

As a young girl, I really respect the woman’s boldness. I would like to have this confidence, those kind of answers. I love this eyes conversation between the older woman and the main actress, it’s like a talk between 2 generations. I understand how the older generation is more reserved, but it’s nice to see that they approve of younger people using their voice and expressing themselves.

As a conclusion, I’m really happy to watch this kind of ads. They sell a product whilst also conveying another message.