Your lies are over

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Spark is a mobile operator in New Zealand and here it has found an original way to communicate about their company. Funny how this article could be linked about the last one about soup. 

Who’s never said a lie to a kid so he doesn’t ask questions anymore? I did, but also I’ve heard a lot of and believed too much fake rules. The one which marked me the most is the “fact” that if you squint for too long or to many times, you will stay blocked for ever. I think my mom told me that when I was about 7yo and I memorised the information as accurate. It took me 10 years to learn it’s false. I was in class and my teacher made a joke about it, I stopped everything I was doing. I thought about all those years where I could have trained squinting.

This ad is really cool. It the first time ever that children can have informations other than the one adults tell them. They’re so intelligent to ask phones about “facts”, I don’t think I would have had this idea if I was born a little bit later.

The brand gave a new name to the Z generation and it’s so much better. Z is impersonal. This new title makes new technologies more innocent, more useful, we forget about this belief that smartphones are the beginning of the end of human being.

To conclude, I think it’s a very great ad. It sounds like revolution, the little kid’s “we need to talk”  is too good. But at the end, it may be sad how fast kids can lose their innocence now.