Aïki Ready When You Are


College is the best few years of your life. During this time, students try to get the most out of every moment. They don’t want to regret not having done or tried something. There are 3 important things for students; “bouffer” (food) , “boire” (alcohol), “baiser” (sex). If forced to choose, they prefer to neglect food than not to go drinking or not to have sex. But because food is a necessity, they’re looking for a quick and easy meal to still be able to do whatever they want. This is an opportunity for Aïki.

Our Idea

To meet this challenge, we introduced the Aïki Rescue Team. This team help students get Aïki’s whenever and wherever they need them. By actively being there in moments of need, we show that they can prepare themselves for those moments too. They only need to make sure they’ve got Aïki’s. The education aspect is an important part of the Aïki Rescue Team. We are there during some moments to show the example, but we aren’t always. Our target needs to understand that they have to take care of themselves from then on. On a bigger scale, being present during important moments of a student’s life reinforces Aïki’s belief; college life should be lived to the fullest.

Next to this, Aïki released three new flavours (pasta bolognaise, pasta ham & cheese and rice curry) that we incorporated into the 'Ready When You Are' campaign. Now students have even more flavours to choose from.

Latest works