American Tourister


American Tourister has a strong concept with its baseline When life calls, be ready! but the international declination was too superficial and didn't speak to the new generations in Europe (although it did it well in Asia).

Our Idea

We decided to literally go with the baseline When life calls, be ready!. We proposed a script that staged a girl receiving a call from a friend on her smartphone and who invites her to join them. Without hesitation, she decides to take her suitcase and take the first plane, accompanied by two friends. 

The simplicity of the story is intentional, and totally assumed. It is the starting point of our concept, whereby we wanted to put a lot more emphasis on the promise: "I get a message, I have the opportunity to go, I'm going!". The originality of the concept is that the whole story is show in reverse to really highlight the moment meant by the baseline. On screen, we first discover the heroes at their destination, before following their entire journey back until the message that triggered their decision to join their friend, perfectly summed up in the signature that punctuates the film. This particular mechanism has many advantages: it attracts the attention of a target that's more and more difficult to seduce, it sparks curiosity by going back to the start of the story, and to links the brand to its product at the end of the film. 

When life calls, we're definitely ready!

TV Long Version - European Campaign Soundbox Collection

TV Long Version - European Campaign Bon Air Collection



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