AWSR Courtesy


You experience unkind behavior on the road far too often. Drivers forget to use their turn signals, they don't yield, and sometimes they even run red lights! Our goal with this campaign was to help people realize that they make the same mistakes. 

Our Idea

We wanted to inform drivers through a positive message, and not reprimand them. When someone treats you with kindness, it tends to be contagious. And being courteous promotes a zen-mind. What is the perfect representation of this attitude? The Dashboard Hula girl. Courtesy, and this Hawaiian girl have been used in this campaign. The print ad is the woman bowing and motioning for you to pass before her, symbolizing courtesy.

This campaign has been rolled out on highway billboards as well as printed, aired on radio, and posted on Facebook. A karaoke version has been created and diffused on social networks in order to target and entice Gen Y.

The song which automatically plays upon opening the card (like Birthday cards) acted as the press release.


Not all the results have been ascertained but it's safe to say that the digital campaign has been a big success! For a very small budget, the karaoke post has reached 1.200.000 people for an organic reach of 200.000 people. The cost per 1000 is 0,002€ and the cost per engagement is 0,003€. More than 6.000 people have commented this post.

Latest works