AWSR Distraction 2.0


Using your phone while driving implies an increased risk of accidents. Even though drivers seem aware of the danger, they can not help but respond if they receive a notification (message, call, etc.).

However, in an AWSR survey, half respondents estimate that 80% of the messages they send while driving, could be sent later.

The purpose of the campaign was to remind that any message, call or notification can wait until the end of the trip. A stupid message can kill you. The campaign was used twice, adapting the message slightly.

Our Idea

We wanted to show the absurdity of a last message sent while driving. We firstly shooted a film of a road accident, with the victim dictating his last words, causing his accident. This was then shortened and adapted to be efficiently used on social media as well.

We also created a radio spot to go along with it. Finally, on the roadside, we used the Facebook thumb and this simple question: "Dead for a message, do you like it?".


According to the post-test in 2016, it’s estimated that the highway poster was seen by more than 60% of the Walloons: the highest score obtained since the creation of the AWSR.

The radio spot got also a very good score, and by 2016 it was the best spot ever broadcasted by the AWSR, since the courtesy campaign was born.

This year’s post-test is not available for the moment. However, the video has been watched almost 130,000 times.

Latest works