AWSR Speed


People still drive too fast. In Wallonia, 1/3th of all deadly accidents is caused by excessive speed.

As a passenger, we often feel uncomfortable asking the driver to slow down while it shouldn’t be something to worry about. Our challenge is to show people you can ask it without having this feeling of being annoying but also to make drivers conscious of the dangers of speeding.

Another challenge is to find a good approach. For the last couple of years, Belgian road safety ads have always been in between different styles. That’s why the AWSR wants to find out which ads have the best effect on drivers : shocking or humorous PSA’s.

Our Idea

We decided to go for a double approach by using both humour and shocking images.

To get this message across, we developed 2 films with the same, neutral introduction but a different end. It is up to the Walloons to choose the ending they want to see. To do so, people were invited to go to and to cast their vote.

To complement the campaign, we created both a humorous and a negative poster which are visible along the highway.

Which ending do you choose : the stinky farts or the accident ?


AWSR enjoyed a great amount of media coverage through this campaign. We were present on TV, in newspapers and had press attention. As for numbers; we reached 35.5K visitors on the website and had a reach of 1.5M on social media. It turns out that the shock campaign worked better than the humor one (70% voted for shock).

TV Spot

Web (Humor version)

Web (Trash version)


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