AWSR Youngsters Summer


In 2017, we’ve launched 2 campaigns on social networks targeting 2 different targets. We wanted to warn the youngsters but also educate them with some numbers to all kinds of drivers.

Young drivers need to be educated to road safety. They think they can master their car easily and are not receptive to road safety campaigns. Yet 25% of deaths among the youngsters are linked to road accidents. The goal of this campaign was to have a nice and original approach to be able to spread our messages. Then, we wanted to target a larger audience and give them some numbers on road safety in a simple way, so that everyone can understand them.

Our Idea

We wanted something “kitch” to draw their attention. Thanks to cute cats and word games, we spread funny messages.

To communicate the road safety numbers, we used some infographies, stressed with humour.


The 7 posts for youngsters were liked 7.500 times, shared 2.300 times and commented 1.200 times.

The information posts obtained more than 7.000 likes, 2.000 shares and 1.750 comments.

Latest works