BIVV/IBSR – wave 2


Generation Y doesn’t respect the speed limits and makes up the most victims of car accidents. Speeding is just never acceptable, not in urban areas nor on the highway. That’s why BIVV/IBSR wanted a campaign that focused on the physical consequences of an accident, which represents the social unacceptability of speeding, and causes a long term change in mentality. The aim is to focus on the consequences (physical and emotional) of speeding.

Our Idea

A child who’s disabled after a road accident tells, in her own words, how her life has changed since the accident. Gen Y is directly impacted and sensitized, as the girl could easily be ones young sister. The goal is to increase self-identification of Millenials and decrease the social acceptance of speeding.

The campaign consisted of a display on public roads and short films that were broadcasted online (Youtube & website).


This ISBR campaign is amongst one of the most quoted campaigns in spontaneous awareness by the public. Easy to understand, clear, catchy and compelling, the campaign has been very popular amongst Millenials.

Latest works