When it was acquired by Heineken, Desperados had the same status as Corona according to Gen Y. The brand was barely known in Flanders.

Our Idea

We developed a strong and recognizable universe for Belgium oriented clubs and festivals, directly distancing us from the beaches of Corona whilst perfectly targeting Gen Y. Desperados is now ubiquitous when it comes from the world of night. We directed our strategy to target people from 18 to 25 as much as possible. We focused on online communication to create ambassadors and generate word-of-mouth.


In the beginning of 2014, the Heineken group chose us as best digital agency in the world for the effectiveness and the results provided to the Desperados brand (King of Social).

Besides our massive presence on social networks (the Desperados Facebook page was created 3 years before - 102,000 fans - and has the highest commitment rate in the premium beers sector in Belgium), we take care of all on-trade and off-trade promotional material (consumption in bars and at home).

We usually seek and create the best media relative to our target group with the help of a media authority if necessary. Desperados beer is positioned differently, our media should also move away from the traditional path in order to reach Gen Y. For example, we developed a wild display which is perfectly consistent with the concept and the target. This is a free medium where our posters can be displayed alongside concerts and festivals. We also created the concept of kot parties, 24 hours party in Ibiza, and used trendy apps like Dubsmash, which used predominantly by Millenials.

Latest works