Federation Wallonie Bruxelles


Violence amongst young couples is much higher than we first thought. That’s why Wallonia, Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Cocof decided to reach the French speaking Gen Zers (15-18 yo) to show them that psychological, physical, verbal, sexual or economic violence is never acceptable in any relationship. They also wanted to tell teens that there is always a way out.

Our Idea

The idea was to show daily situations among young couples which are generally considered as normal and ask Gen Z if they think these are really normal. With the baseline “Don’t let anyone decide in your name”, the campaign was rolled out  in 2 radio spots broadcasted on all major French speaking broadcasting stations, 1 TV spot on all major French speaking TV stations, a new website, a booklet, a digital plan on Facebook (ads + video), prints dispatched in schools and administrations and badges. To catch Gen Z, the campaign had to be entertaining, so it was proposed as a pop quiz to check if they are violent and/or if they are victims of violence. The TV & radio spots showed that once you’re the victim of violence in your couple, it becomes a reflex to think of yourself as the problem. The end of the spot gives the phone number of the association which would help Gen Z decrease violence.


Loads of conversations took place on Facebook between people from Gen Z, sharing their experiences. 

Latest works